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Flood Warning

What is a Flood Warning System?

Early detection of potential flood conditions and reliable flood forecasting are critical components of an effective local flood warning system. Advance warning of impending floods can save lives and prevent extensive property damage.

A complete, integrated flood early warning monitoring system solution includes all the remote site equipment, communications equipment, and central base station equipment, and Contrail software for flood warning. The flood warning systems are ideally suited for applications requiring real-time environmental data measurements of rainfall, snow, and water levels in streams, rivers, and other bodies of water.

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End-to-End Real-time Monitoring Solutions

Real-time Flood Early Warning System

The flood warning system includes network-ready software to facilitate data management: graphical map displays, activation of alarms, instant messaging, hydrological forecasting and analysis tools. The software package is an easy-to-use, menu-driven program and is capable of feeding public or intra-agency flood warning web sites.

A variety of flood warning communication options are available to meet the needs of any data collection or control system. Examples include ALERT and ALERT2 radio telemetry, cellular, spread spectrum radio, StormLink® Satellite telemetry networks and more.

Products That Serve Flood Warning System

Contrail Software

StormLink Telemetry

StormData Services

ALERT2 Solutions

Installation and Maintenance Services

Network Evaluation and Design Services