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Post Wildfire

Post Wildfire Hazards

Wildfires can cause serious damage. After the fire is out, vegetation is gone, rainfall can cause debris flows and flash floods. With fires that burn hot, the soil can become hydrophobic, increasing runoff and the potential for dangerous flooding, debris flows and landslides.

OneRain can quickly mobilize to get rainfall and flow monitoring in place. Our solutions can go into remote locations, anywhere that you can see the sky, you have a real-time monitoring system.  Or, if you have a nearby flood warning network, we can extend it to include the additional monitoring required for the burn area.

Real-time Rainfall, Flow and Flood Monitoring in Burn Areas

Post wildfire HydroMet systems can be quickly deployed to provide real-time rainfall, flow and flood monitoring in burn scar areas.

OneRain’s quick-deploy StormLink Monitoring Stations combined with Contrail® 24/7-supported real-time monitoring, visualization and management tool provides early warning to alert first responders, emergency management personnel and downstream communities of the imminent threat of flood and debris flows.

This turnkey solution, powered by either solar panel or AC charger for long- or short-term deployments, can be easily and quickly implemented in wildfire burn areas or other flood-prone areas. Configured for either cellular or satellite communications, the station is capable of monitoring stage, precipitation, water temperature, float switches, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, and relative humidity.

The solution is endorsed by the Silver Jackets program, BAER teams, USGS and Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Over the years, OneRain has provided early warning systems for several wildfire burn areas including:

OneRain cooperates with multiple agencies and private enterprise to provide the best solutions for each situation.


Products That Serve Post Wildfires

Contrail Software

StormLink Telemetry

StormData Services

ALERT2 Solutions

Installation and Maintenance Services

Network Evaluation and Design Services