Stormwater flow and runoff during wet weather


In the urban environment, how water flows during and following rain and snowmelt precipitation events puts higher volumes of water and more pollutants into our local rivers and lakes, in addition to causing flooding and erosion. Having the tools to monitor, understand and report on stormwater runoff are important. Monitoring includes measuring, testing the water quality, predicting stormwater flows, measuring those flows.

State-of-the-art storm sewer analyses utilize detailed computer models to evaluate storm sewer performance. One of the big unknowns in the modeling process is measuring the distribution of rainfall over a sewershed. OneRain’s StormData™ GARR (gauge-adjusted radar rainfall) can help you more accurately model. Our StormData Storm Properties can more accurately define the behavior of rainfall so that you can design stormwater and combined sewer systems that are correctly sized. Our hydrologic telemetry networks can help you measure the rainfall and resulting flows, giving you the information you need to properly manage stormwater.


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