Contrail® Online Training Series

Contrail Complimentary Online Live Training Series for Contrail Administrators

Complimentary Online Live Training Series for Contrail® Administrators

OneRain is pleased to offer FREE web-based training sessions to our valued customers! Each live session is aimed at new or experienced Contrail Administrators who want to refresh or expand their knowledge of the software. These sessions also provide the opportunity to learn about any recent updates and enhancements. Note that the training schedule and topics may change from time to time due to the introduction of new features, holidays, or other conflicts.

Upcoming Live Webinars

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Webinar Title Date Estimated Duration

Contrail Administrator Basics - Part I

In this training session, we'll be exploring the various components of Contrail's Administrator module. We'll do a high level overview of core configuration options and how features are set up and used. Some of the key areas that we'll cover include:

  • Sensors
  • Contacts and groups for alarm deliveries/notifications
  • Alarm rules and concepts
  • Input and Output systems
  • Views used to group sites together
  • Data activity and logs
  • Reports
  • Web administration
  • Setting up user accounts
  • Data exchange

Don't forget—all of our live online training sessions provide a great chance to ask any questions you might have. Register today!


January 26, 2017
45 minutes to 1 hour

Contrail Administrator Basics - Part II

During this Part II session, we'll dig a little deeper into Contrail's core configuration options. You'll learn how to define and add sites in Contrail Administration module and how you can enable Contrail's Data Agents to actively retrieve—automatically and periodically—web-resident data sources such as USGS, NWIS, METAR, HADS, TIDES and others.  

During this training, you will learn how to:

  • Add, configure and enable data collection from sites such as USGS, METAR, and HADS
  • How to manage Views—what sites are grouped and displayed with Contrail's mapping and lists features
  • How to define thresholds


February 23, 2017
45 minutes to 1 hour

Situational Awareness: Creating Custom Dashboards and Real-time Widgets in Contrail for Decision-Support 

The idea of Contrail Dashboards is to visually bring into focus, specific datasets that are important indicators for your operations and decision-making. You can gather related datasets (Widgets) to use on your Contrail Dashboard pages, to that all the data are available together in a single context. Contrail Dashboards enable you to present the data that matters most to you to help you in your day-to-day decisions, or create a Dashboard "on-the-fly" during an extreme storm event to track and monitor specific sites that may be at high risk of flooding.

During this training session, we'll look at some typical examples and show you:

  • How to create custom dashboard pages that contain an arrangement of one or more Widget types
  • How you display each Dashboard in the Administration environment only, or share a Dashboard with your general users
  • How to turn on or off Dashboard displays
  • How to edit, preview, copy or delete defined Dashboards
  • How to arrange, edit, copy or delete Widgets from within a Dashboard


March 30, 2017
45 minutes to 1 hour
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