StormLink® Monitoring Station

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StormLink Monitoring Station

All-in-One Data Collection, Dissemination, and Early Warning

StormLink Monitoring Station combined with OneRain’s Contrail® 24/7-supported real-time data collection, processing and web-based decision management tool, tracks critical information and delivers early warnings to alert first responders and emergency management personnel of changing conditions or threatening events.

Configured for IP, cellular, or OneRain’s StormLink Satellite communications…




The StormLink Monitoring Station is a rugged, weatherproof, all-in-one data collection control unit that delivers data in real time to Contrail for automatic processing, data management, information dissemination, and automated alarm event notifications to key personnel. The system provides secure web-based desktop and mobile access to time-critical decision making information to any number of users.

Highly Configurable and Easy to Set Up
The station is highly configurable and easy to set up. Its simple field deployment makes it ideal for remote geographic locations or difficult terrains requiring weather or other environmental monitoring. Choose from a selection of sensors for simple plug-and-play operation. Configured for IP, cellular or OneRain’s StormLink Satellite communications with a pre-programmed data logger, the station can be equipped with a combination of sensors. The sensors are quick-connected to the unit (6 ports) and switched out as needed for each application.

Sensor Options

  • All-in-one Weather Station (measures wind speed, direction and peak wind, rainfall, barometric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity)
  • Rain Gauge Tipping Bucket option
  • Pressure Transducer, includes water temperature (freeze proof)
  • 2 Float Switches
  • Solar Radiation
  • Fuel Moisture/Temperature

Powered by either a solar panel and battery, or an AC charger, the StormLink Monitoring Station can be mounted to a tripod or post mounted
for short- or long-term deployments.

Ask about our StormLink Satellite option for remote hydrologic monitoring and flood early warning. We offer a complete low power, low cost, satellite solution that includes airtime data services.

Flexible Timed Data and Event Reporting
Data reporting is completely configurable and can be set to transmit on an event basis and as a time series, whatever your application demands. When pre-programmed threshold values for a sensor are exceeded, the StormLink Monitoring Station transmits the event immediately.


  • Post-wildfire burn areas for early flood warning
  • Reservoir and hydropower operations
  • High risk/remote Dams Safety Monitoring programs
  • Oil, gas, mineral and mining industries for automated remote sensor data collection, monitoring and alarm notifications
  • Other environmental, weather, hydrological and water management areas