Contrail® Analytics

Provides the analyses you need to discover trends in precipitation events with rainfall frequency and distribution information


Contrail Analytics comprises deep data mining reporting engines that analyze, extract and organize large amounts of data in a form that is informational—compiling intensive query-based searches into specialized reports, charts and exportable data files. This suite of data analysis tools provides a framework to support a variety of ‘number-crunching’ processes on Contrail data. These processes are referred to as Analytics engines.

As part of OneRain's Contrail suite, Contrail Analytics provides a comprehensive toolset that helps you quickly analyze Contrail data sets, identify and highlight trends and changes, and gain true insight into the performance of your hydromet sensor network. Contrail Analytics reduces mountains of data into a simple, visual display. Discover trends in precipitation events with rainfall frequency and distribution information. 

Contrail Analytics uses three different approaches to analyze environmental monitoring data, including hydro-meteorological trends, telemetry system activity and maintenance performance. It provides the analyses you need to make better decisions and improve the management of your hydromet network. 

  • Rainfall Intensity Reports: rainfall event analysis reports classify the amounts of accumulated rainfall by recurrance intervals over time. Presents recurrance intervals for peak intensity rainstorm events, (e.g. 5-year, 10-year, 25-year, 100-year...)
  • Double Mass Rainfall Analysis: plots and compares multiple rain gauges
  • Sensor Network Performance Monitoring: sensor activity and data collection network performance over time
  • Bulk Exporting: event data
  • Time Series Data Export: rainfall and other sensors
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