StormLink™ Real-time Satellite Telemetry

Solutions for Remote Hydrologic Monitoring and Flood Early Warning

OneRain's StormLink Satellite rain and rain and stage gauge stations combined with Contrail 24/7-supported real-time monitoring, visualization and decision management tool provide early warning to alert emergency management personnel and downstream communities of the imminent threat of flood and debris flows.

Whether it's monitoring reservoirs or high risk dams in extremely remote areas, or post-wildfire burn areas, Onerain provides full turnkey solutions that provide automated data collection, dissemination, alarming and triggered events notifications. 

Reliable and Accessible Real-time Data

A significant challenge for managers of real-time environmental and hydrologic monitoring networks is the reliable extraction of critical information from remote sites. To meet this challenge, OneRain developed the StormLink family of real-time satellite telemetry data products. New to the StormLink family is our next generation fully integrated Skywave IDP (IsatData Pro) satellite product that can be used for receiving event information from remote sensing sites throughout the U.S. and around the world.

OneRain offers a complete low power, low cost, satellite solution that includes airtime data services:

OneRain's StormLink™ Satellite Telemetry installed in the Cochiti fire burn area in northern New Mexico for flash flood warning. Real-time data is transmitted to OneRain's secure data storage center for viewing, alarming and monitoring on the Internet via Contrail®

Click here to see video of rain and flood event in Cochiti Canyon August 2011.

StormLink Satellite Telemetry Features

 StormLink™ - data in real time
 Automata, GOES, others supported
 Reliable
 Redundant data paths
 Secure
 Web accessible
 Suitable for remote application
  • Low cost data in real time with StormLink™ Satellite Telemetry
  • Low power, solar-based
  • Reliable, stable and secure network
  • Redundant data paths
  • Complete turnkey solution from OneRain, including airtime services
  • 24/7 access and management of your data on the Internet via Contrail
  • Automated remote sensor reporting with options for custom alarms and event notifications


  • Post-wildfire burn areas for early flood warning
  • Reservoir and hydropower operations
  • High risk/remote Dams Safety Monitoring programs
  • Oil, gas, mineral and mining industries for automated remote sensor data collection, monitoring and alarm notifications
  • Other environmental, weather, hydrological and water management areas

Cost-Effective Alternative to Line-of-Sight Radio

StormLink is a cost-effective alternative to line-of-sight (LOS) radio (RF) data delivery, reducing traffic in crowded RF environments and sometimes eliminating costly LOS repeaters. It is now possible to use the same instrumentation you use within your LOS network at remote locations. StormLink can be set up as an up-link ALERT-received data, or as a standalone sensing site with off-the-shelf instrumentation.

StormLink’s satellite transceiver module uses the L-band for communication and is thus not prone to rain fade during just the time when you need your data the most. Data transmission is via the Inmarsat satellite network service, a robust, secure and stable network. Messages are packetized and time-stamped prior to satellite transmission. The communications channel is two-way; data are buffered locally for possible retransmission until acknowledgment of correct receipt has been received. And no FCC licensing required!


Shown right: StormLink Satellite Gauge site near San Carlos, AZ, during The Creek Wildfire 2013