Dam Safety

Dam Safety

Dam Safety

Humans have built dams for thousands of years. Once water collects behind a dam, however, the dam presents potential risks that require care to minimize. Some dams and levees are ill-maintained or aging, and they can be very remote.

OneRain’s network solutions monitor high-risk, high hazard dams that threaten lives and property downstream. Our early warning systems and instrumentation track inflow, outflow and flow where it doesn’t belong, reservoir storage and water levels. Dam- or levee-based geotechnical sensors can monitor structural integrity. Data are transmitted to remote servers, with telemetry options ranging from low-power, real-time satellite in remote locations, to cellular and line-of-sight radio.

Combining locally sensed data with other data sources and forecasts, 24/7-supported Contrail® monitors customized alarm rules to notify safety officials of potentially hazardous conditions.

Ask us about Contrail® for Dam Safety.

Using Contrail, local dam operators also have access to past, current, and future conditions (see Reservoir Operations). Contrail’s long-term archive preserves the complete history needed for planning.

Let us help you implement a dam safety solution that fits your mission.


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