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Dam Safety

Dam Safety Early Warning Systems

Humans have built dams for thousands of years. Once water collects behind a dam, however, the dam presents potential risks that require care to minimize. Some dams and levees are ill-maintained or aging, and they can be very remote.

OneRain’s network solutions monitor high-risk, high hazard dams that threaten lives and property downstream. Our Early Warning Systems and instrumentation track inflow, outflow and flow where it doesn’t belong, reservoir storage and water levels. Dam- or levee-based geotechnical sensors can monitor structural integrity. Data are transmitted to remote servers, with telemetry options ranging from low-power, real-time satellite in remote locations, to cellular and line-of-sight radio.

Combining locally sensed data with other data sources and forecasts, 24/7-supported Contrail® monitors customized alarm rules to notify safety officials of potentially hazardous conditions.

Timely, Reliable, and Accessible Data

Time is of the essence in successful Early Warning Systems. Contrail provides advanced warnings with reliable EAP (emergency action plan) Alarm Delivery Notifications. OneRain’s StormLink™ family of real-time satellite telemetry products quickly and reliably relay high-quality data from remote sensing sites.

Using Contrail, local dam operators also have access to past, current, and future conditions (see Reservoir Operations). Contrail’s long-term archive preserves the complete history needed for planning.

Let us help you implement a dam safety solution that fits your mission.

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