Earthquake Data Services in Contrail®


Monitor, visualize, and alert on current seismic information directly in Contrail

The effects of seismic activity on critical infrastructure and utilities can cause physical and functional damage, increase the risk of failure, or reduce operational performance. Risk management best practices requires operators to promptly conduct post-event inspections and evaluation of vulnerable sites and structures. Now you can track and alert on critical seismic events in Contrail.


  • Targeted custom Magnitude/Distance filtering
  • 24×7 monitoring, custom alarms, and notifications
  • Earthquake calculations and visualization
  • Documentation of critical seismic events
  • Integration with EAPs (Emergency Action Plans) and other environmental data


Track and alert on critical seismic events in Contrail®

Earthquake Data Services, available as an add-on in Contrail software, enables system administrators and designated users to be notified when there is reported seismic hazard activity near critical infrastructure points of interest. Users can choose to filter activity based on distance, direction, and depth of earthquakes in their specific region and trigger risk evaluation action alerts when needed.
Use Earthquake Data Services in Contrail to document seismic activity for predefined distances and severity relative to each critical infrastructure point. This can reduce the need for guesswork and delivers actionable information promptly.

Earthquake Data Services in Contrail coupled with hydrologic and meteorologic data provides the complete view of environmental risks for your critical infrastructure.

Get a complete operational picture of environmental risks

  • Targeted Filtering and Drill-down to the Important Data
    Upload your own Distance/Magnitude relationship table for each point. Save time by only focusing on the seismic activity that matters to you with custom Magnitude/Distance targeted filtering for each infrastructure point.
  • Automate Inspection Alerts
    Custom alarming can be triggered by earthquake lookup table. Automatically trigger customizable inspection and evaluation alarms to alert appropriate personnel with administrator acknowledgment and escalation processes. Send additional and different alarm notifications to operators and downstream stakeholders.
  • Store and Analyze Significant Events
    “Inspection required” sensors document all critical seismic events. Run analytics on these events to understand recurrence interval and frequency amount. Download events for easy reporting.