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OneRain, an AEM brand, is excited to announce that Contrail® is now part of AEM Elements™ 360 multi-hazard decision support application.

Designed to meet the demands of mission-critical Early Warning Systems

Enhance your hydrometeorological monitoring and flood risk management capabilities with AEM Elements 360. From collecting, validating, and processing data to alerting and displaying on maps, graphs, and tables, our application provides everything you need for effective management and dissemination of your hydrometeorological information management. Flexible deployment options and robust implementations ensure system resiliency, high availability, and continuous monitoring for your crucial operations.

Real-time data collection
and analysis

Integrates many sensor types, sources, and communication protocols and brings all your data together into one enterprise-level platform.

Advanced alerts and
notifications management

Automates alerts based on customizable thresholds, rules, and conditions to support EAP (emergency action plan) procedures and escalation processes via SMS and email.

Up-to-the-minute visualization
of current conditions

Presents data in easy-to-understand interactive maps, real-time dashboards, widgets, charts, graphs, tables, and specialized reports.

Take command of multi-hazard risk management with AEM Elements 360

With AEM Elements 360, users will experience all the features and benefits you’re accustomed to with Contrail, plus access to new, cutting-edge features in development. Effective immediately, new customers will use the AEM Elements 360 application, where they will enjoy all the benefits you’re accustomed to with Contrail, plus access to new, cutting-edge features in development. Existing Contrail customers will continue to receive the same superior customer support you have come to expect from AEM and our OneRain brand. 

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