Contrail® Software

Real-time data collection and analysis

Integrates many sensor types and protocols and brings all your data together in one place.

Advanced alarms and notifications management

Automates alert messaging based on configurable thresholds, rules, and conditions to notify your contacts via text and/or e-mail.

Up-to-the-minute visualization of current conditions

Presents data in easy to understand maps, real-time dashboards and widgets, charts, graphs and tables.

Contrail Data Collection and Visualization Platform

OneRain’s Contrail suite of software turns data into actionable decision making.

Contrail software delivers automated real-time data collection, processing, validation, analysis, archiving and visualization of hydrometeorological and environmental sensor data.

With easy-to-understand contextual data and graphical visualization tools, Contrail provides secure and centralized historical and real-time sensor monitoring information with advanced alarm and notification capability.

Flexible Deployment Options

As an enterprise-level software platform, Contrail offers a highly scalable, secure, and reliable software architecture built for the age of Web-access and modern data collection practices. Flexible deployment options and implementations ensure system resiliency, high availability and real-time monitoring to support your critical mission.

Access To Your Data Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

No matter which deployment solution you choose, Contrail is built so that you can interact with it from any device—desktop, smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device—any time, anywhere.

Only a standard web browser is needed on the user’s end to access the Contrail application across all devices—no special mobile “apps” required.

Contrail Environmental Monitoring Software
Contrail Decision Support Dashboards

Advanced Tools and Displays for Operational Decision Support

Contrail-based solutions deliver unique capabilities and a full suite of advanced tools used for operational decision support in application areas such as Flood Warning, Dam Safety, Reservoir Gate Operations, Road Weather, and more.

Let us show you how Contrail can support your operations and provide the right information to the right people at the right time.


Contrail with Seveno DataSight

Contrail® with Seveno DataSight

Combining Seveno DataSight with OneRain’s Contrail platform provides the most comprehensive data analytics and integrated end-to-end visibility into your operations. Integrated with Contrail, this solution gives our clients the ability to monitor, analyze, and act upon data in real-time, while providing end-to-end visibility, complex analyses, and advanced reporting for data management, regulatory compliance, and operations performance.

Contrail for High Water Detection

Contrail® for High Water Detection

OneRain configures your server and displays for high water detection applications. High Water Detection Systems (HWDS) are typically installed at flood-prone road and stream crossing locations.

Examples of configurations:

  • Gate/Flasher Status
  • 2-Way Control of Flashers and Gates
  • ALERT2 2-Way
  • Rainfall Summary
  • Stream Summary
  • Dashboard Displays
  • Thresholds for Display and Alarms
  • Alarms

Contrail for Road Weather

Contrail® for Road Weather

OneRain configures your server and displays for road weather applications.

Examples of configurations:

  • Road Conditions
  • Dashboard Displays
  • Weather Conditions
  • Snow Plow Operations
  • Embedded Video Displays
  • Thresholds for Display and Alarms
  • Alarms

Contrail for Gate Operations

Contrail® for Gate Operations

OneRain configures your server and displays for dam flood gate and reservoir operations applications.

Examples of configurations:

  • GateOps Dashboards
  • Inflow, Outflow
  • Prescribed Outflow
  • Dashboard Displays
  • Embedded RFC Graphs
  • Thresholds for Display
  • Alarms

Contrail for Flood Warning

Contrail® for Flood Warning

OneRain configures your server and displays for flood warning applications.

Examples of configurations:

  • Rainfall Summary
  • Stream Summary
  • Dashboard Displays
  • Embedded RFC Graphs
  • Thresholds for Display and Alarms
  • Alarms

24/7 Extended Support

OneRain supplements normal automated monitoring with remote diagnostics and skilled support outside normal business hours for your data collection system. Purchase Extended 24/7 Support when it makes sense for your mission requirements and call us for help whenever you need it.

Contrail® Server

Contrail Server—a OneRain-hosted virtual server resource running the full version of Contrail Base Station software in our secure industrial data center. Contrail Server is OneRain’s managed and hosted application service edition of Contrail that delivers the full feature set of Contrail Base Station (includes Contrail Analytics and Contrail Inventory Plus). Fixed subscription cost allows you to extend and load it with as many data sources, web views, custom reports, etc., as you require.

Contrail® Web

The Software-as-a-Service Edition of Contrail

Contrail Web—the software as a service (SaaS) edition of Contrail in which we offer you a slot in our multi-tenant enterprise and you
administer it for your users. This is a “pay as you go” subscription model to add more web views and sensor data sources. Some features and functionality may not be available in this shared edition.


Contrail® Inventory Plus

Centralized Web-based Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management Tool for Real-time Hydrologic Monitoring Networks 

Contrail Inventory Plus helps you manage and keep track of your hydrometeorologic instruments, equipment and all of your system hardware via your desktop or mobile device−from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Now whether you’re in the field, or at your desktop, you can manage inventory tracking and equipment maintenance scheduling in one place.

Contrail® TDMA Manager

 Flood Warning System – Network Design with Contrail® ALERT2™ TDMA Manager
Visualize and design your real-time monitoring network, tracking capacity, available capacity, and data latency.

Contrail® ALERT2™ TDMA Manager enables realistic ALERT2 network design in visual form.


Contrail® Base Station

Contrail Base Station—license our Contrail Enterprise software and run the application locally on your own network and server. The license includes Contrail Analytics and Contrail Inventory Plus, and enables you to collect as many data sources and create as many web site views as you require to meet all your users’ needs.



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