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OneRain is a company of rainfall, water, and weather monitoring experts. We help our clients understand and manage their water-related missions, from flood and road weather safety, to dams, stormwater, wastewater and water resource management. Our results help improve hydrologic decision making and design standards across the United States and the world.

Since its 1992 start, OneRain has become the leading provider of rainfall-related data and services to local, state, and federal agencies across the United States. OneRain’s success rests on a systems approach to managing rainfall and its consequences.

Hydrometeorlogic Gauge Maintenance

About Our Technology

OneRain builds solutions through software and hardware that uses the latest technology and is also reliable and supportable. The fast-changing advances in technology and many industry changes require us to be at the forefront of hydrometeorological management trends.

Our in-house development team is focused on the continual evolution, improvement, and sustainment of our products and data services. OneRain has designed, built, rehabilitated, and maintains hundreds of gauges and monitoring systems. Each gauge or system is tailored specifically to the customer’s needs.

OneRain continually strives to be the industry leader in real-time water management, consistently pushing the bar with new technology while always maintaining quality service and support.


OneRain has a growing footprint, with offices in the U.S., and Australia.

  • Longmont, Colorado (HQ)
  • OneRain Australia Pty Ltd., Melbourne, Australia
  • HSE Grass Valley, California
  • Houston, Texas
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Louisville, Kentucky

and affiliates in Australia:

  • Canberra, Capital Territory
  • Townsville, Queensland
OneRain Contrail Software

Our History

  • 1992 DIAD founded in Colorado.  Flood warning system professional and maintenance services (coincidentally our sister company High Sierra Electronics was founded in California the same month and year)
  • 1995 DIADvisor™ released, licensed software serving the U.S. ALERT flood warning data collection market as a market leader ~1997-2006
  • 2003 OneRain Inc. – DIAD/NEXRAIN merger and changed name to OneRain Inc. This added StormData™ gauge-adjusted radar rainfall, at the same time they released DIAD developed StormLink™ data services based on real-time satellite telemetry.
  • 2005 Contrail® Web released, the first industry Software as a Service (SAAS)  includes any more data sources, plus dam safety & support for water resource markets
  • 2007 Contrail® Base Station on premise licensed software released.
  • 2011 ALERT2™ open standard radio protocol defined, OneRain invested heavily in supporting the standard, which brings better data and opens new hydrology related markets
  • 2013 Contrail Inventory a web based inventory and maintenance management platform was released
  • 2014 Contrail Server a cloud hosted service released, ALERT2™ TDMA Manager for designing and maintaining the configuration of ALERT2 networks released
  • 2015 OneRain releases ALERT2™ field decoder solutions, creating a second provider of ALERT2™ technology
  • 2016 OneRain owners acquire High Sierra Electronics, which specializes in manufacturing and installation of hardware for flood warning systems (FWS), roadway high water detection systems (HWDS), intelligent transportation systems/road weather information systems (ITS/RWIS)
  • 2017 OneRain celebrates 25 years in business along with sister company, High Sierra Electronics
  • 2018 OneRain becomes an AE Monitoring member company. AE Monitoring was formed by Union Park Capital to create a family of companies focused on monitoring of critical environmental parameters, including meteorology, hydrology, air, and soil.


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