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Our on-line instructional sessions are great for:

  • New customer user training
  • Learning about new features and enhancements
  • Refresher sessions for your employees
  • Basic training for new employees
  • Administration training

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Our training covers such topics as water data management, flood warning, flood forecasting, rainfall intensity, streamflow, hydrologic analysis, ratings curves and more. OneRain offers a variety of on-site and in-house field training options and online training sessions for our software and solutions.

Our web-based training is a great way to learn more about Contrail® software, whether you choose our FREE Training Series for software administrators, or customized training sessions that are exclusively tailored for your agency or organization. Our training ensures you gain the maximum value from your software and products and enables you to utilize the product in its entirety. 

Complimentary Live Software Training Webinars Every Month

OneRain is pleased to offer FREE web-based software training sessions to our valued customers! Each live session is aimed at new or experienced administrators who want to refresh or expand their knowledge of Contrail, now part of AEM Elements 360. These webinars provide valuable insights and best practices about using the software or flood prediction, data analysis, decision support, and the management, dissemination, and communication of alerts, as well as precipitation processes.

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Customized Training

Do you need training tailored to your needs? For more in-depth training with your own system and data, we can come to you!  Just let us know what you need:

  • Software only training
  • Field Training Best Practices
  • Combination of Software and Field Training

Contact us to arrange customized training for groups of 4 or more at your site.

Advanced Tools and Displays for Operational
Decision Support

Training can either be at your premises, or online. Please contact us to let us know your interest in this training and we will coordinate timing separately.

  • User Training
    Sensor configuration, alarm management, troubleshooting and reporting
  • Administrator Training
    Manage web page appearances and content, alarms and notifications, user accounts, and security.