Contrail for Dam Safety

Contrail® – software for Dam Safety

OneRain configures your software, server, and displays for dam safety monitoring applications.  Contrail provides real-time instrumentation monitoring, remote sensing, and centralized enterprise data collection for flood early warning of high-risk, high-hazard dams that threaten lives and property downstream.

Examples of configurations:

  • Rainfall Summary
  • Stream Summary
  • Dashboard Displays
  • Embedded RFC Graphs
  • Thresholds for Display and Alarms
  • Alarms & EAP (Emergency Action Plan) Notifications

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Contrail® – software for Dam Safety

Contrail®, OneRain’s Web-based specialized software, is a cornerstone of an Active Dam Safety Monitoring program. Dam operations are dependably and accurately monitored and easily understood.  Combining locally sensed data with other data sources and forecasts, 24/7-supported Contrail® monitors customized alarm rules to notify safety officials of potentially hazardous conditions. Users have reliable information and peace of mind knowing their dam functions as it should.

  • 24/7 secure access. As a dam operator and safety manager, securely monitor your entire system from anywhere at any time by smartphone, laptop or tablet. Contrail supports any number of users with advanced user privileges so authorized people can view and access only the information they need.
  • Accurate, timely and reliable data. OneRain’s toolbox for real-time dam monitoring includes integrated instruments measuring reservoir elevation, flow, spillway, discharge, weather, rainfall, float switches, wind, temperature, vibrating wire piezometers, tiltmeters, inclinometers, seismic…
  • Advanced warnings with EAP notifications.  Customized early warning alerts sent via Contrail to the right people support better decision making for dam safety first-in-line responders. Contrail supports decision criteria and notification procedures for Emergency Action Plans (EAPs).
  • Real-time data collection and analysis. Contrail’s Web-accessed system captures, analyzes, validates (QA/QC), archives and disseminates data in real time.
  • Get the full picture in one place. Knowing what’s going on now with up-to-the minute visual cues, maps and graphical information enables dam operators and safety officers to quickly evaluate conditions at dams.
  • Data management and reporting.  Analyze past, present and future data with Contrail. Plan, manage and predict with insightful performance reports and recognize patterns. Hold your system accountable.
  • Designed for high availability and reliability.  Robust equates to good design and implementation. Ensuring that no single point of failure exists across the network and data collection platform is critical for early warning systems. OneRain’s systems offer multiple in and out paths for delivery and receipt of critical data.
  • Decision critical operating data.  Use our GateOps™ capabilities to see actual and forecasted inflows, site-specific ratings tables and outputs, display calculated and actual gate positions, calculate reservoir summary and weir flow, aggregate flow and power calculations, storage volume, evapotranspiration…
  • System maintenance and performance. Routine, preventative and proactive maintenance programs ensure field instrumentation operates at optimum performance. Contrail has tools to manage field inventory, maintenance schedules, workorders and maintenance history.


Contrail has special display screens and configurations for dam safety:



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Contrail® Base Station

Contrail® Base Station

Contrail Base Station—license our Contrail Enterprise software and run the application locally on your own network and server. The license includes Contrail Analytics and Contrail Inventory Plus, and enables you to collect as many data sources and create as many web site views as you require to meet all your users’ needs.


Contrail® Server

Contrail® Server

Contrail Server—cloud-hosted software for real-time data collection, hydrological data management, and monitoring of rainfall and weather-related information used in flood early warning, dam safety monitoring, road weather information, and more.

Contrail Server is a OneRain-hosted and managed virtual server resource running the full version of Contrail Base Station software in our secure industrial data centers. With Contrail Server, you’ll experience the same full features, access, and functionality as our on-premise Contrail Base Station solution (includes Contrail Analytics, Contrail Inventory Plus and Contrail ALERT2 TDMA Manager). Fixed subscription cost allows you to extend and load it with as many data sources, web views, custom reports, etc., as you require.

Contrail® CameraContrail® Camera

Contrail® Camera

Gain greater visual insights and situational awareness with remote monitoring. Create a more complete view of conditions with Contrail Camera image collection, hosting, and viewing platform. Whether you have existing cameras, or are planning to add them, Contrail Camera provides you with enhanced information and valuable insights for situational awareness.

Contrail Camera is a OneRain-hosted centralized web-based image storage and management tool that provides secure, password-protected access to view and manage images. It’s designed to easily integrate with our Contrail software suite where you can incorporate images into Contrail dashboards and map layers to show sensor data and images side-by-side.

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Contrail® Inventory Plus

Contrail® Inventory Plus

Centralized Web-based Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management Tool for Real-time Hydrologic Monitoring Networks 

Contrail Inventory Plus helps you manage and keep track of your hydrometeorologic instruments, equipment and all of your system hardware via your desktop or mobile device−from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Now whether you’re in the field, or at your desktop, you can manage inventory tracking and equipment maintenance scheduling in one place.

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