Contrail for High Water Detection

Contrail® – software for High Water Detection

OneRain configures your server and displays for high water detection applications. High Water Detection Systems (HWDS) are typically installed at flood-prone road and stream crossing locations.

Examples of configurations:

  • Gate/Flasher Status
  • 2-Way Control of Flashers and Gates
  • ALERT2 2-Way
  • Rainfall Summary
  • Stream Summary
  • Dashboard Displays
  • Thresholds for Display and Alarms
  • Alarms

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Contrail® – software for High Water Detection

High Water Detection Systems are designed to achieve two primary goals: The first is to warn motorists they are approaching hazardous road flooding conditions, and the second is to give the motorist the opportunity to stay out of harm’s way. Specifically, a command and response system for automatic remote-controlled activation of warnings on either side of a low water crossing point provides a deterrent to motorists driving into flooded areas. This is normally accomplished by activating warning beacons or Dynamic Message Signs and, in some cases, by activating automatic barrier gates.  Video cameras can be located at the sites and used to provide visual monitoring of site conditions.

Contrail has special display screens and configurations for high water detection. Data can also be automatically fed to the National Weather Service and other databases in order to populate agency or public websites and Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) in Traffic Management Centers.