24/7 Extended Support

OneRain supplements normal automated monitoring with remote diagnostics and skilled support outside normal business hours for your data collection system. Purchase Extended 24/7 Support when it makes sense for your mission requirements and call us for help whenever you need it.

OneRain always monitors all known instances of Contrail® software, StormLink™ network telemetry and StormData™ real-time rainfall services. When a problem is detected or when a Contrail platform stops receiving data, automated systems notify both our clients and OneRain staff.  For those components running in our data center under OneRain’s direct control, our staff always intervenes 24/7.

To take it up a notch for critical missions, OneRain offers 24/7 Extended Support to help those clients assure their system is operating at all times, regardless of where it is or where they are.  With 24/7 Extended Support systems, our staff will intervene as soon as a problem is detected.  In addition, those clients have direct access to our technical support staff anytime they need it.