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A Quarter Century of Experience

OneRain provides the solutions that empower our clients to manage water for good. Our expertise encompasses the best environmental monitoring and water-related software and technologies, from gauging, telemetry, and remote sensing, to visualization, analysis, notification, and control.

For more than 25 years, OneRain has helped private and public sector clients create their solutions to optimize water management, heighten regulatory compliance, achieve successful civil works, and save lives.

Contrail Real-time Environmental Monitoring Software

OneRain is a recognized leader in measuring and understanding water.

OneRain helps optimize water management and is shaping the next generation of real-time hydrometeorological and environmental monitoring technologies and systems.

Contrail® environmental monitoring software collects rainfall, water levels and flow rates in streams, rivers, lakes, and dams, road weather conditions, and related data in real time. Web-based decision management, automated notifications and control support operations 24/7.

Our environmental monitoring software, and rainfall-related professional services, deliver the most accurate estimation of rainfall and its consequences. We build and maintain the monitoring networks that provide data in real time, including StormLink® telemetry solutions that collect data from and can interact with previously unreachable locations.

StormData™ data services and historical analyses enable agencies with critical, rainfall-dependent missions to understand their historical rainfall patterns to better manage future storms.

OneRain’s total system approach to rainfall and water management includes:

  • End-to-end real-time hydrometeorological monitoring and flood warning systems
  • Contrail® 24/7-reliable data collection and management solutions
  • StormData™ gauge-adjusted radar rainfall for real-time, future, and analytical applications
  • StormProperties™ Analysis to create realistic design storms
  • StormLink® real-time satellite and IP telemetry systems and data services
  • Complete hydrologic network design, telemetry system integration and implementation
  • OneRainTech™ Field Services
  • Best practices consulting and professional services

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COVID-19 Statement To Our Valued Customers and Partners

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