Contrail with Seveno DataSight

Contrail® with Seveno DataSight

Combining Seveno DataSight with OneRain’s Contrail platform provides the most comprehensive data analytics and integrated end-to-end visibility into your operations. Integrated with Contrail, this solution gives our clients the ability to monitor, analyze, and act upon data in real-time, while providing end-to-end visibility, complex analyses, and advanced reporting for data management, regulatory compliance, and operations performance.



OneRain, through its partner Sentinel Pty. Ltd, is pleased to offer Seveno DataSight as part of an integrated suite with our Contrail® software platform.

Ingest any time-series or discrete dataset for analyzing and reporting all types of environmental measured parameters including including Water Quality, Soil Quality, Air Quality, Surface Water Hydrology, Ground Water, Weather Data, and more:

  • Complex Calculations
  • Ratings Table Generation and Management
  • Standards and Regulatory Compliance Reporting
  • Post Processing Standards Review
  • Data Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Audit Trails

Access to deep analytics and expanded reporting and data manipulation capabilities for your environmental data management:

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Contrail® with Seveno DataSight

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Contrail® Server

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