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DIADvisor Base Station is a Microsoft Windows®-based application that collects, stores, analyzes and displays real-time hydro-meteorological and environmental data. The DIADvisor data collection base station receives ALERT formatted data via one or more serial ports on a local PC. DIADvisor real-time hydrologic monitoring software was formerly known as "StormWatch".

DIADvisor 3.0 includes the following:

  • Color Map support
  • Windows 7 support
  • Customizable site icon and data displays
  • Alternate Rain Display Color Scheme
  • DIADvisor Migration tool to assist with upgrade detail
  • Automated management of System Messages


  • Ability to ingest data from external sources such as METAR, NWS and USGS via Contrail® Web, our secure 24x7 software as a service (Saas) edition of Contrail
  • Easily define alarms and notifications, combining real-time radar with traditional ground sensors
  • Seamless integration with Contrail Web for distribution to authorized users via the Web
  • Enhanced charting and reporting capability
  • Free upgrade at term renewal for customers current with technical support fees

Enhanced protection features:

  • 24/7 system health monitoring 
  • Online data backup 
  • Automated problem notifications

Color Map Support 

Color maps can be used in DIADvisor 3.0. The DIADvisor graphics engine has been re-designed to not require a black-background map in order to display the Rain Display overlays. Maps can be generated in JPEG or Bitmap formats using a wide variety of software, ranging from GIS packages to internet sources.


Custom Data Displays

DIADvisor 3.0 supports custom data displays. Using the DIADvisor “Define Map” user-interface, the following details can be customized:

  • Data value display – color, bold, borders, background color
  • Site icon colors
  • Timed-out site icon color
  • Out-of-service site icon color
  • Choice of two rain scale color schemes
  • Rainfall Overlay transparency level

These settings can be previewed and saved as the default map configuration. Saved configurations can then be applied to other maps with a click of a button.

DIADvisor™ ALERT Tracker™

The convenience of a mobile base station in your vehicle, DIADvisor ALERT Tracker is a turnkey solution for flood warning managers who need a complete ALERT base station that can go anywhere on a moment’s notice. Learn more


DIADvisor and Contrail are trademarks or registered trademarks of OneRain Incorporated. ALERT2 is a trademark of the National Hydrologic Warning Council.DIADvisor and Contrail are trademarks or registered trademarks of OneRain Incorporated. ALERT2 is a trademark of the National Hydrologic Warning Council. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.