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Upcoming Live Webinars

Contrail software for environmental monitoring

Training for Contrail® Users and Administrators

OneRain is pleased to offer FREE monthly web-based training sessions to our valued customers! Each live session is aimed at new or experienced Contrail Users or Administrators who want to refresh or expand their knowledge of the software and how to manage and understand their environmental, hydrological, and meteorological data from an operational perspective.

Our live webinars cover topics about flood prediction, data analysis, decision support, and the management, dissemination, and communication of alerts, as well as precipitation processes.

Monthly Live Webinars

Check back often!  In addition to our monthly Contrail Training Series webinars, we also conduct some special webinar training workshops. Our training schedule and topics below may change from time to time due to the introduction of new features, holidays, or other conflicts. Estimated duration is 45 minutes to 1 hour. Select topic to view more information.

Don’t forget—all of our live training webinars provide a great chance to ask any questions you might have. These sessions also provide the opportunity to learn about any recent updates and enhancements to the software and technologies.

Registration is required for each live webinar. To attend, complete the Webinar Registration form

10:00 a.m. Pacific

11:00 a.m. Mountain

Noon Central

1:00 p.m. Eastern

Schedule and Topics

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Equipment Maintenance Management and Asset Tracking with Contrail Inventory Plus

Contrail Inventory Plus helps you manage and keep track of your sensor network equipment and hardware via your desktop or mobile device from anywhere you have an Internet connection. It’s included as configurable module with your Contrail license*.

In this training, we introduce you to the main components of the Contrail Inventory module and then we’ll explore the Maintenance Management Module.

What we’ll cover:

Part A: Inventory Module

  • Overview of the user environment
  • Understanding data types
  • Models, manufacturers, categories, tags
  • Adding new inventory items, images, files
  • Inventory tracking
  • Managing data

Part B: Maintenance Module

  • Creation of Work Orders
  • Creating and assigning Tasks
  • Scheduling of routine, preventative and emergency maintenance activities

*Contrail Inventory Plus is not available with Contrail Shared Web.


Environmental hazards present a unique challenge to decision makers as they not only must confirm the conditions as quickly as possible but as accurately as possible. Traditionally, gauging locations with a suite of sensors, including rainfall and water level, are placed in the field to generate data to confirm the arrival and severity of conditions. However, as the (modified) saying goes, a timely picture is worth a thousand data points in confirming conditions at a road, dam, or creek.

In this webinar, OneRain will present their complete approach to utilizing cameras for decision making, from image collection to data integration. This approach also includes the latest functionality: utilizing machine learning object detection to analyze images and alert on predefined criteria, allowing for a complete view of both your data and your field-generated images. Our team will also discuss lessons learned and best practices.

Contrail Camera

Are you spending more time wading through your data than making decisions based upon it? When it comes to making quick sense of large volumes of data, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, as the saying goes. Communicating your hydrometeorological data through data visualization using the right combination of charts, graphs and map interactions, can create a clear picture of information that is easily understood.

Contrail has an array of features to help you customize how you present your data. Last month, we covered how to create custom Dashboards.  During this month’s training session, we’ll now look at how you can combine data from multiple sources to create advanced data visualizations, graphs and mapping. And we’ll show examples of watershed basin average rainfall computations using a combination of Contrail and OneRain’s real-time Gauge-Adjusted Radar Rainfall datasets.

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Previous Webinar Workshops


Environmental Monitoring and Flood Warning System Telemetry

Joint webinar about telemetry options for environmental monitoring and flood warnings sites and systems. Discusses some “pros and cons” of commonly used telemetry for hydrometeorological gauges/sites.


Dam Safety: Disaster Risk Reduction with Real-time Monitoring

Our Dam Safety program experts discuss best practices for early warning systems including types of remote monitoring and sensing, cameras to verify conditions, and emerging technologies.


Flooded Roadway Warning Systems Workshop Webinar

This webinar discusses how implementing automated High Water Detection Systems (HWDS) can save lives by automatically activating flashing beacons and barriers to warn motorists of the danger ahead.


Water Level Sensor Technologies and Best Practices

This joint webinar workshop provides an overview of the types of instrumentation and measurement methods used for different applications and operational requirements. It looks at the challenges of measuring water levels in a wide range of conditions, and describes best practices and recommendations.

Lightning weather services in Contrail

Utilizing Lightning and Radar Services in Contrail® for a Complete Hazard View

This educational webinar workshop explores how you can leverage lightning data in Contrail for complete situational awareness and multi-hazard early warning. Learn about the early indicators of extreme weather — from intense heavy rainfall, hail, and flash flooding, to dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning.


Agile and Aware: Acquiring A Complete View of Road Weather Hazards to Operate Effectively

Weather can impact roads at any time of the year and at a moment’s notice. From large winter storms to quick flash flooding, weather events present unique challenges for anyone responsible for maintaining roads and safe driving conditions. This webinar presents a complete road hazard approach.

Prefer one-on-one training?

OneRain can provide customized training tailored to your needs. For more in-depth training with your own system, equipment and data, we can provide custom virtual training classes, or come to you! Contact us to arrange customized training for groups of 4 or more.

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