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Contrail8 Environmental Monitoring Software

Our live webinars cover topics about flood prediction, data analysis, decision support, and the management, dissemination, and communication of alerts, as well as precipitation processes.

Training for Contrail® Administrators

OneRain is pleased to offer FREE monthly web-based training sessions to our valued customers! Each live session is aimed at new or experienced Contrail Administrators who want to refresh or expand their knowledge of the software and how to manage and understand their environmental and hydrometeorological data from an operational perspective.


Don’t forget—all of our live online training sessions provide a great chance to ask any questions you might have. These sessions also provide the opportunity to learn about any recent updates and enhancements to the software and technologies.

Schedule and Topics

Check back often!  Our training schedule and topics below may change from time to time due to the introduction of new features, holidays, or other conflicts.  Estimated duration is 45 minutes to 1 hour. Select topic to view more information.

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Monthly Contrail Training Series Live Webinars

Mar 19 2020: Decision Support: Creating Custom Dashboards and Real-time Widgets

One of the best parts about Contrail Dashboards is the ability to visually bring into focus, specific datasets that are important indicators for your operations and decision-making. You can gather a variety of related datasets (Widgets) to use on your Contrail Dashboard pages, so that all the data are available together in a single context. With Contrail Dashboards you can present the data that matter most to you to help in your day-to-day decisions, or even create a Dashboard “on-the-fly” during an extreme storm event so that you can track and monitor specific sites that may be of particular interest.

During this training session, we’ll show examples and give you lots of ideas to help you get started in creating your own Dashboard pages. We’ll look at some typical examples and show you:

  • How to create custom dashboard pages that contain an arrangement of one or more Widget types
  • How you display each Dashboard in the Administration environment only, or share a Dashboard with your general users
  • How to turn on or off Dashboard displays
  • How to edit, preview, copy or delete defined Dashboards
  • How to arrange, edit, copy or delete Widgets from within a Dashboard
Apr 16 2020: Managing Recipients for Automated Alarm Notifications

Having automated notifications to appropriate personnel to warn of possible flood or hazardous conditions ensures time for actions that reduce risk, minimize losses and enhance public safety. Contrail provides advanced alarm management with event notifications sent via e-mail, text, and SMS. With Contrail’s Contacts and Distribution Groups feature, it’s easy to organize alarm delivery notifications, whether to individuals or groups, or based on their roles, departments, or teams (e.g., flood control, emergency responders, water quality management, field maintenance, etc.). During this training, we’ll show you how you can easily handle changes in personnel or delivery addresses, as well as:

  • How to add new contacts
  • Create groups based on roles, departments, or teams
  • Manage group members
  • Update, replace, or remove a contact
  • Examples of assigning an alarm notification and delivery types
May 21 2020: Writing Effective Alarms with Contrail's Alarm Manager

Early detection of threatening conditions and severe storm events with automated notifications to appropriate personnel ensures time for actions that reduce risk, minimize losses and enhance public safety. At Contrail’s core are the advanced warnings with reliable alarm delivery capabilities that support decision criteria and EAP (emergency action plan) notification procedures.

Contrail’s Alarm Manager enables administrators to configure sophisticated alarm rules based on their own-defined alarm thresholds. In this training, we’ll cover how you can create customized rules to trigger an alarm for any sensor or group of sensors within your program so that when the data are qualified and the alarm condition criteria are met, Contrail automatically sends out e-mail and/or text message notifications to the people that you designate.

Alarms can be defined based on an absolute threshold level, rate of change and many additional calculations. Additionally, user-defined metadata marks such as minor, moderate, major, and extreme flood levels can be used to trigger alarms.

In this session, we’ll write alarms around a number of different scenarios and show tips and shortcuts for making alarm rules based on data from multiple sensors at multiple sites.

Training Extra! Additional Live Webinars Scheduled

Jan 09 2020: Introduction to Contrail® 8 - New look! New feel! New features!

We are excited to announce a major new software release for our Contrail® platform.

New look!  New feel!  New features!

We invite you to join us for this webinar to introduce you to Contrail® 8the next generation of OneRain’s enterprise-level suite of software for real-time environmental monitoring.

Contrail 8 runs on the newly released major version of Enterprise Linux operating system, CentOS 8. This new operating system incorporates important advancements in security hardening and optimized performance. It’s one of the most robust operating systems available, where the reliability and stability of systems is key.

Learn more about what new features you can expect in Contrail 8 here.

Mar 24 2020: Understanding the Migration to Contrail® 8

Contrail® 8 is the next generation of OneRain’s enterprise-level suite of software for real-time environmental monitoring that runs on the newly released major version of Enterprise Linux operating system, CentOS 8.

During this special webinar, we’ll walk through the processes and planning required to successfully upgrade on-premise / self-hosted instances of Contrail to the latest operating system and Contrail version.

Learn more about what new features you can expect in Contrail 8 here.

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