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OneRain’s customers understand their mission and know the importance of timely, accurate, complete data. Their networks are maintained, sensors are calibrated, and their telemetry is designed to get all of the data there in real-time.  They use Contrail® software to collect and manage their environmental and water data.

The examples below show public-facing views of Contrail. Front-end views are entirely flexible—you decide what you’d like your users to see—even create different views of your data for different end-users. What you won’t see here are all the powerful behind-the-scenes processing, analytics, and data management tools that transform the way you see and understand your data.

We’d love to show you around and discover how Contrail can meet your needs. Contact us today for a personalized one-on-one full demonstration.

Public-Facing Views – Real Life Examples

Below is a selection of just some of OneRain’s valued customers. Follow the links below to visit their live public-facing Contrail websites that showcase just some of Contrail’s front-end features, functionalities and flexible reporting options.

Sonoma County Water Agency, California

In October 2017, the Sonoma County region experienced damaging firestorms. The resulting fire burn scars and ground conditions throughout the Tubbs and Nuns area left the region highly vulnerable to life-threatening flash flooding and debris flows during heavy rainstorms. Heading into the rainy season, a flood warning network was needed as quickly as possible. Led by Sonoma County Water Agency with assistance from OneRain, a complete ALERT2™ flood warning network was designed and installed from the ground-up to assist the County and National Weather Service in detecting flooding conditions. A new fully functional ALERT2 flood warning network was operational by the end of February 2018.

Public Website Home Page:
Regional Map:
Explore Dashboards: Nuns Rainfall Dashboard


County of Sacramento, California

Sacramento County Rainfall and Stream Level Information System comprises two Contrail Base Stations and approximately 50 gauging sites.

Public Website Home Page:
Explore Dashboards:

OverlandPark Kansas Logo

City of Overland Park/Johnson County, Kansas

Overland Park/Johnson County ALERT flood warning system public website, which provides real-time data from over 170 remote weather stations located throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area. The majority of the stations report real-time rainfall, and many also report stream levels, air temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, pavement temperature, and other weather data. Overland Park’s system integrates ALERT/ALERT2, RWIS (Road Weather Information System) data, as well as other available regional data (METAR airport weather), and USGS).

Public Website Home Page:
View of sites and sensors: Map
Example of Road Weather: Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Dashboard


Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, Denver, Colorado

Review real-time rainfall-related and weather activity throughout the region. The District covers Denver and parts of the six surrounding counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Douglas and Jefferson. The area includes 32 incorporated cities and towns.

Public Website:
Regional view: pan and zoom map


San Jacinto River Authority, Texas

Rainfall Visualization & Decision Support. Integration of ALERT via direct and via OneRain’s StormLink™ satellite concentration.

Public Website Home Page:
Regional view: pan and zoom map


Santa Cruz County, California

Flood Control District, Flood Control and Water Conservation, Water. Integration of ALERT and USGS, RAWS and third party data.

Public Website Home Page:
Regional view: pan and zoom map


Doña Ana County Flood Commission, New Mexico

This Regional Real-time Hydrologic Monitoring Network, managed by the Doña County Flood Commision, is a collaborative project of the Doña Ana County Flood Commission, the Elephant Butte Irrigation District, the City of Las Cruces, the National Weather Service, and New Mexico State University. A dual server Contrail architecture enables Dona Ana County Flood Commission to operate in mission critical mode in addition to providing a public URL website that presents data from their network of gauges. The system aggregates a number of additional gauging sources from other agencies, including USGS and local irrigation districts, into their Contrail data collection software platform.

Public Website Home Page:
Regional view: pan and zoom map
Rainfall accumulation: Weekly, Monthly and Annual Precipitation


County of Marin, Flood Control and Water Conservation District, California

Real-time Rainfall, Creek Stage, and Weather Data. Integration of ALERT, USGS and TIDES data sources.

Public Website Home Page:
Regional view: pan and zoom map
Explore Dashboards:


County of Santa Barbara, California

Real-time Rainfall, River-Stream, and Reservoir Data. Integration of ALERT and USGS data sources.

Public Website Home Page: 
Regional view: pan and zoom map
Rainfall summary: Real-time rainfall table


Harris County Flood Control District, Texas

HCFCD operates a three-server Contrail Base Station implementation, and full support for nine (9) partner agencies. Integration of ALERT/ALERT2 and multiple agency data sets, with distance weighted rainfall overlay. Customer created maps, specialized Sensor notes with tabs, Site Pictures, Video embedded in site notes (Site 400 – D109 Harris Gully at South McGregor Way), Rain Summary, Water Level Summary.

Public Website Home Page:
Water Levels: Current Levels
Weather Sites: Dashboard Display


Napa County, Napa Valley Regional Rainfall and Stream Monitoring System, California

Rainfall and Stream Level Data for the Napa Valley Area. Integration of ALERT, METAR, USGS and HADS data sources. The network of rainfall and stream level gauge sites is a collaborative project of local Napa County cities, the County of Napa, and the Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. The site provides public access to a network of approximately 50 site locations in the Napa Valley region where weather or stream data collection equipment are located.

Public Website Home Page:
Regional view: pan and zoom map


San Joaquin County, California

Rainfall and hydrometeorological data for San Joaquin County.

Public Website Home Page:
Regional view: pan and zoom map


Ohio Emergency Management Agency – Statewide System

Statewide real-time stream and rainfall network. Ohio EMA’s STORMS system has 416 precipitation and 75 river stage gauges reporting into the system. These gauges are located in 65 Ohio counties and provide real time precipitation data to the National Weather Service and to local governments for flood forecasting.

Public Website Home Page:
Statewide view: pan and zoom map


City of Wichita, Wichita-Sedgwick County, Kansas

Real-time stream and rainfall network managed by the City’s Stormwater Management department. The system provides rainfall depths, stream stages, and other data on a real-time basis in a useful form for City of Wichita staff, USACE, NWS, USGS, other agencies, and the public to facilitate making decisions before, during and after storm events to reduce the risk of property damage, injuries, and loss of life.

Public Website Home Page:
Regional view: pan and zoom map
Watershed: Rainfall Summary


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