OneRain’s Support Team has been on hand assessing the real-time rainfall and hydrologic data and providing assistance to their clients and Emergency Coordinators in Storm Harvey’s path.


Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by storm Harvey. The entire OneRain team is focused on doing all we can to help and support our customers in Texas and Louisiana during this devastating event.

Officials from Harris County Flood Control District, San Jacinto River Authority, Trinity River Authority, Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, and other agencies in the storm’s path, are relying on the data transmitted from hundreds of gauges that are spread throughout the region. OneRain’s systems gather and provide the continuous real-time data measurements, analysis and reporting of the rainfall, stream flow and water levels in the dams from these gauges, providing critical notifications and information to their Emergency Coordinators and First Responders. The data from these systems are also used by the National Weather Service to assist in the official issuing of flood watches and other warnings to the public.

There are so many hard-working people behind the scenes who have had little or no rest as they keep these systems operating.

As rainfall subsides in the next few days, the ongoing challenge will be knowing where and how all this floodwater will drain and flow after this history-making rainfall and flooding storm event.


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