Contrail® Camera

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Gain greater visual insights and situational awareness with remote monitoring. Create a more complete view of conditions with Contrail Camera image collection, hosting, and viewing platform. Whether you have existing cameras, or are planning to add them, Contrail Camera provides you with enhanced information and valuable insights for situational awareness.

Contrail Camera is a OneRain-hosted centralized web-based image storage and management tool that provides secure, password-protected access to view and manage images. It’s designed to easily integrate with our Contrail software suite where you can incorporate images into Contrail dashboards and map layers to show sensor data and images side-by-side.



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  • 24/7 access and management via any web-enabled device.
  • Many viewing options. Tile, list, mosaic, full screen, slideshow and album views for multiple cameras.
  • Daily time-lapse. Automatically creates 24-hour time-lapse.
  • Historic Snapshot. Creates and stores an image-a-day at a time specified by you.
  • Multiple image sources. FTP-enabled cameras, and web accessible images.
  • Retains images for 60 Days.
  • Image download. Select multiple images and dates with calendar picker.
  • Integrated with Contrail software suite.

Agencies rely on Contrail software for assessing conditions, risks, and alerting about potential hazards in real-time applications such as flood warning, dam safety, reservoir operations, flooded roadways, and road weather. The effective delivery of critical information for decision makers requires the collecting, processing, analysis, and visualization of real-time data. Visually represented sensor data in maps, charts, graphs, widgets and dashboards has become one of the most effective ways for users to assimilate large volumes of data in Contrail. Combining this data with access to live cameras provides a very quick understanding of an event as it is occurring and helps users improve their situation awareness.