Contrail® Camera

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Gain Greater Visual Insights and Situational Awareness with Remote Monitoring
Create a more complete view of conditions with AEM Elements 360 Camera image collection, hosting, and viewing platform. Whether you have existing cameras, or are planning to add them, AEM Elements 360 Camera provides you with enhanced information and valuable insights for situational awareness.

License Options

Choose from 3 Contrail Camera License types. License is per device, per year:

  • AEM Elements 360 Camera Basic
  • AEM Elements 360 Camera Standard
  • AEM Elements 360 Camera Vision

Seamless Integration with AEM Elements™ 360 Multi-hazard Decision Support Application
AEM Elements 360 Camera (formerly known as Contrail Camera) is a centralized Web-based image storage and management tool that provides secure, 24×7 password-protected access to view and manage images. It easily integrates with our flagship AEM Elements 360 where you can incorporate images into AEM Elements 360 Dashboards and Map Layers to show sensor data and images side-by-side.

Visually represented sensor data in maps, charts, graphs, widgets and dashboards has become one of the most effective ways for users to assimilate large volumes of data in AEM Elements 360. Combining this data with access to live cameras provides a very quick understanding of an event as it is occurring and can help users improve their situation awareness.

AEM Elements 360l Camera provides enhanced integration and management with our StormLink® Camera packaged camera solution.

Advanced Capabilities with Vision License
The full-featured Vision license combines our AEN Elements 360 Camera framework with AI (Artificial Intelligence) machine learning models to detect objects in each image.

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Contrail Camera Vision License enables AI-object detection

With the Vision license, users can turn on a machine learning model that has predefined tags for each camera location. The system will then detect objects in each image, including person, cars, trucks, trees, etc. AEM Elements 360 users can create custom Alerts and Notifications based on AI-detected objects. These capabilities are incredibly useful for camera applications where you need to know if a car has driven into a flooded roadway, or a person is walking on a dam, for example. A rectangle overlay on each image indicates what the machine learning model has detected and the confidence level it determines for the particular classification.


  • Flood Early Warning
  • Reservoir and Hydropower operations
  • High risk/remote Dams Safety Monitoring programs
  • Road Weather
  • Flooded Roadways
  • Post-wildfire burn areas for flood early warning
  • Other environmental monitoring