Contrail for Road Weather

Contrail® – software for Road Weather (RWIS)

OneRain configures your software, server, and displays for monitoring RWIS data and related road weather conditions.

Examples of configurations:

  • Road Conditions
  • Dashboard Displays
  • Weather Conditions
  • Snow Plow Operations
  • Embedded Video/Image Displays
  • Thresholds for Display and Alarms
  • Alarms

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Contrail® – software for Road Weather (RWIS)

OneRain’s Contrail® software solution collects, stores, analyses, and disseminates data from an array of road weather sensors, pavement sensors, road weather stations, mobile RWIS sensors, and traffic cameras in an RWIS network to provide a complete overview and management of your Road Weather Information System data.

Maintenance and operations personnel are alerted to changing weather conditions in real time and can make timely and informed decisions. Customizable alerts and notifications are sent via e-mail, sms, text messages. Contrail software for Road Weather is designed to be mobile ready—there’s no special “app” required for your smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device. Users and administrators have anytime, anywhere, 24/7 secure access to view and manage data from any desktop or mobile device via a standard web browser.

Contrail for Road Weather provides up-to-the-minute visualization of current conditions with data shown in easy to understand maps, real-time dashboards and widgets, charts, graphs, and tables. High-resolution, pan-and-zoom maps clearly locate sensors, cameras, mobile RWIS devices, and their status, while Map Overlays allows the integration of GIS layers and radar for forecasting and storm tracking.

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Contrail has special screens and configurations for road weather:


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