StormLink® IQ Field Decoder

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OneRain ALERT/ALERT2™ Field Decoder Solutions

Tools for Hydrologic Field Services and Maintenance Support Programs

For those operating hydrology networks, OneRain’s Field Decoder Solutions allow in-the-field analyses of gauge data messages for trouble-shooting, verification, and optimizing gauge network performance for ALERT/ALERT2 flood early warning systems and field instrumentation maintenance operations.



StormLink® IQ Receiver

When the Contrail Field Decoder Software is used with the StormLink IQ Receiver, you have a simple low cost mobile solution for receiving and decoding your field sites. Through the web browser interface, you can easily change between frequencies, and decode ALERT2.

The ability to switch between ALERT or ALERT2 decoding; simultaneous decoding of multiple frequencies using either ALERT or ALERT2. You will be able to see a message as it goes completely through your network—as it is sent from a transmitted site in one protocol, and then repeated through a repeater in the same or another protocol.

The “go anywhere” trouble-shooting, verification, and gauge network performance tools for flood warning managers and field maintenance operations

Contrail® Field Decoder Software
Troubleshoot gauge sites before driving away—receive and decode ALERT and ALERT2™ radio signals directly onto your laptop. Verify that transmitter and configuration is correct before leaving a site.

  • Simultaneous decoding multiple frequencies and protocols.
  • See the decoded message content. You can verify the Source Address, Sensor Configurations, Transmitted Data Types and Values.
  • Display standard P, N, C, and A messages per the ALERT2 specification.
  • Built-in decoder tool on the display allows you to convert any P,N,C, or A message into its decoded components.
  • Free software updates for one year included with your purchase of Contrail Field Decoder software.
  • Message creation and transmission for two-way testing of ALERT and ALERT2 field components.

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