Lightning Weather Services in Contrail®

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Complete your severe weather picture. Lightning data by Earth Networks, available as an add-on in OneRain’s Contrail software, enables lightning map layers, table and graph data displays, and dangerous lightning storm indicators.


  • Real-time storm tracking
  • Lightning location. Identify and visualize where there are lightning-producing storms
  • Real-time alerting for in-cloud or cloud-to-ground lightning within any radius. You decide: 25, 15, 10, 5… miles
  • Visual mapping of Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts
  • Storm ETA mapping – know when a storm is going to arrive at a certain location. (Earth Networks lightning alert lead times are detected earlier than the NWS*)
  • Flash densities, flash rates, direction of cells, track storm movements
  • History of flash rates, activities

* Earth Networks proprietary sensor technology used by their Total Lightning Network significantly improves weather warning times by up to 30 minutes or more.


Integrated real-time lightning data in Contrail powered by Earth Networks – the world’s largest lightning detection network.

Severe convective storms and in-cloud lightning strikes usually serve as an early indicator of extreme weather—from intense heavy rainfall and hail, to dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning strikes and tornadoes. Now you can track dangerous storms that are likely to produce severe weather and provide advance early warnings.

For complete situational awareness and multi-hazard warning, combine lightning data observations displays and dashboards along with up-to-the-minute data from other sources, such as local proprietary hydrological and meteorological networks, USGS, HADS, METAR, and more. All Lightning data by Earth Networks can be included in Contrail thresholds, dashboards, and both simple and complex alarms.



OneRain and Earth Networks are part of AE Monitoring – a family of innovators focused on monitoring critical environmental parameters.