OneRain and High Sierra Electronics Joint Sponsors of the NHWC 2017 Conference

OneRain Incorporated, in Longmont, Colorado, together with its sister company High Sierra Electronics, Inc. in Grass Valley, California, is proud to sponsor the National Hydrologic Warning Council (NHWC) 2017 biennial training conference and exposition being held in Olympic Valley, California from June 6 to 8, 2017.

2017 Marks the 25th Anniversary of Both Companies

Both companies, established in 1992, joined forces in August of 2016, and are thrilled to share the same 25-years anniversary.

Technical Training Open House and Facility Tour

OneRain and High Sierra Electronics welcome you to join us in celebration of this very special milestone. Coinciding with NHWC 2017 Conference week, we invite you to join us on June 9, 2017 for a special training and open house event.

Thank you to our clients, friends, and colleagues for your support during these past 25 years!  Many of you have been with us from the start. Our journey continues…


Celebrating 25 Years 1992-2017

About OneRain Incorporated
Since 1992, OneRain has been providing solutions that optimize water management, heighten regulatory compliance, achieve successful civil works, and save lives. Headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, OneRain’s software and services deliver mission critical information to serve clients responsible for flood early warning, dam safety and reservoir operations, water resources, stormwater and wastewater management. For more information, visit or call 800-758-RAIN (7246).

About High Sierra Electronics, Incorporated
Established in 1992, High Sierra Electronics, Grass Valley, California, has been designing and manufacturing environmental monitoring systems for the protection of lives and property. High Sierra Electronics’ systems help identify threats posed by the weather, which include flooding, dangerous road conditions, and vulnerable dams and levees. For more information, visit or call 800-275-2080.

Announcing OneRain ALERT/ALERT2 Field Decoder Solutions for Hydrologic Networks

In the News May 2016: OneRain’s new ALERT/ALERT2 Field Decoder Solutions created quite a stir when introduced at the recent 2016 ALERT Users Group Conference—the year’s largest gathering of flood warning professionals in the U.S. OneRain’s StormLink™ IQ Receiver has the capability to receive and decode signals from 25 MHz to 1750 MHz, which covers the hydrologic radio frequency bands.

Tools for Hydrologic Field Services and Maintenance Support Programs

StormLink® RF Transceiver with ALERT or ALERT2 capability
StormLink RF Transceiver

For those operating hydrology networks, OneRain’s Field Decoder Solutions allow in-the-field analyses of gauge data messages for trouble-shooting, verification, and optimizing gauge network performance for ALERT/ALERT2 flood early warning systems and field instrumentation maintenance operations.

The StormLink IQ Receiver is a simple low cost mobile solution for receiving and decoding field sites. The small USB-type device plugs into a laptop and, with OneRain’s Contrail® Field Decoder Software interface, users can easily change between frequencies and receive and decode ALERT2™ radio signals directly on their laptop.

StormLink® Field IQ Receiver and Software

The company also announced their rugged StormLink RF Receiver—a radio-based ALERT2 receiver with controls that allow users to switch frequencies and receive/decode either ALERT or ALERT2 messages. The StormLink RF Receiver will be upgradable to a 2-way transceiver which will allow it to transmit and receive ALERT or ALERT2 for testing repeaters and two-way sites such as those used by flasher or siren systems.

“Feedback has been very positive”, says James Logan, OneRain’s CEO. “OneRain has made a lot of progress developing and implementing the support for ALERT and ALERT2 with this radio technology. We plan on adding the capability to simultaneously decode multiple frequencies and multiple protocols, so an agency that is going through the transition from ALERT to ALERT2 can see all of their messages as they go through the network.”

OneRain’s Field Decoder Solutions are available in bundled software and hardware packages.

Introducing Contrail Inventory’s New “Mobile-First” User Interface

LONGMONT, COLORADO, January 15, 2014 – OneRain is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Contrail® Inventory release 4.0 that introduces a new look and feel with its “mobile-first” design. Contrail Inventory is OneRain’s centralized web-based asset tracking tool that helps agencies manage and keep track of their hydrologic gauge sensor network equipment via their desktop or mobile device.

Contrail Inventory Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management for
Contrail Inventory Asset Tracking and Maintenance Management for Hydrologic Networks

Contrail Inventory’s new (adaptive and responsive) design is now compatible with the widest range of devices, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

New Contrail Inventory User Experience
We’ve tried to walk in your shoes as we redesigned Contrail Inventory’s accessibility to create the best experience possible to match up to your needs. Now, whether you’re in the field, or at your desktop, you’ll be able to accomplish virtually all your Contrail Inventory management tasks (review, edit, add, upload photos, etc.) anywhere at any time.

Users can get to the information that’s important to them fast with easy to understand content priority, workflow and viewpoints:

  • Easy to navigate whether on smartphone, tablet and desktop devices
  • No special mobile app. required
  • Adaptive between mobile and desktop for content, features, viewpoints
  • Responsive design fluidly changes and responds to fit any screen or device size

Complimentary Walkthrough
Complimentary webinar training sessions are available to OneRain customers after this update. Please contact OneRain to arrange refresher training or if you’d just like an introductory walkthrough covering these enhancements. OneRain offers a variety of online webinar training sessions for their software and solutions. These training sessions ensure users keep current and gain the maximum value from OneRain software and products.

Update Availability – No Action Required!
This software update is available to all Contrail Inventory subscription-based users as well as Contrail Base Station and Contrail Server licensed users current with their standard software maintenance contract. There’s no need for customers to take action to receive the update. This update will be performed during OneRain’s standard software maintenance and updates schedule on the second Tuesday of each month.

2013 Colorado Flood Event – Flood Early Warning System

LONGMONT, COLORADO, October 1, 2013 – It’s been a busy time here in Colorado as our team has been supporting the recovery efforts from last month’s epic flood event.

OneRain field truck follows a detective through flood devastated area


OneRain installed and currently maintains a considerable number of the hydrologic gauges along the Colorado Front Range and provides the software for real-time data collection, monitoring and alerting. Members of our field staff have been seeing first hand, the destruction and devastation that the powerful floodwaters caused, as they venture out to perform maintenance and evaluate the condition of gauges in the network.

OneRain field staff attempt to access gauge to evaluate a flood-damaged gauge site

Our systems performed well during this historic event. Our software application, Contrail®, provided the continuous real-time data collection, early warning alarming, and notifications and monitoring of the numerous rainfall, stage, and stream flow gauge sites in the region, while several of our personnel were on hand in the midst of the storm assessing the data and providing assistance to coordinators and first responders in the Emergency Operations Center.

The OneRain team is passionate and committed to helping our local agencies in their missions to detect, reduce risks, respond, and minimize losses in potential flood-producing rainfall storm events and our thoughts are with all those impacted by this devastating flood that hit our home state.