New Release of OneRain’s Contrail Field Decoder Software

LONGMONT, CO, May 19, 2020 – OneRain is happy to announce the immediate availability of Contrail® Field Decoder Software release version 1.5.1159 used with our StormLink® IQ Decoder and StormLink® RF Receiver in-the-field products.

Contrail Field Decoder Software
Contrail® Field Decoder Software enables field staff to readily test, trouble-shoot, and verify that gauge sites and configurations are correct in an ALERT/ALERT2 hydrologic warning network.

Optimum network design and the peak performance of gauging stations are critical for the reliable delivery of data in real-time flood warning monitoring systems.

OneRain’s Field Decoder Solutions enable best field practices and testing techniques with the ability to receive and decode ALERT/ALERT2 radio communication signals at a site directly into a laptop. Field staff can readily test, trouble-shoot, and verify that gauge sites and configurations are correct.

What’s new

– Added security with support for decoding encrypted ALERT2 messages

– High data throughput with added support for decoding FEC modes 1 and 2

– Lower IP data usage with configurable IND1.1 Binary output



Compatible with all ALERT2 products, including High Sierra Electronics‘ transmitters and repeaters. The same OneRain-developed features are available in the HSE Model 1012 ALERT2 Decoder.

New encryption tab in the user interface
New collector output protocols


How to upgrade

This software update is available to licensed Contrail Field Decoder users whose annual standard software maintenance and technical support is active.  To update:

  1. Go to Settings > About > Check for Updates
  2. You’ll be prompted that updates are available. Click the text next to the Check for updates button to go to the Download page and follow the steps to install the latest version.

As long as your license key is under active maintenance and support, you can run the latest version.

Announcing OneRain ALERT/ALERT2 Field Decoder Solutions for Hydrologic Networks

In the News May 2016: OneRain’s new ALERT/ALERT2 Field Decoder Solutions created quite a stir when introduced at the recent 2016 ALERT Users Group Conference—the year’s largest gathering of flood warning professionals in the U.S. OneRain’s StormLink™ IQ Receiver has the capability to receive and decode signals from 25 MHz to 1750 MHz, which covers the hydrologic radio frequency bands.

Tools for Hydrologic Field Services and Maintenance Support Programs

StormLink® RF Transceiver with ALERT or ALERT2 capability
StormLink RF Transceiver

For those operating hydrology networks, OneRain’s Field Decoder Solutions allow in-the-field analyses of gauge data messages for trouble-shooting, verification, and optimizing gauge network performance for ALERT/ALERT2 flood early warning systems and field instrumentation maintenance operations.

The StormLink IQ Receiver is a simple low cost mobile solution for receiving and decoding field sites. The small USB-type device plugs into a laptop and, with OneRain’s Contrail® Field Decoder Software interface, users can easily change between frequencies and receive and decode ALERT2™ radio signals directly on their laptop.

StormLink® Field IQ Receiver and Software

The company also announced their rugged StormLink RF Receiver—a radio-based ALERT2 receiver with controls that allow users to switch frequencies and receive/decode either ALERT or ALERT2 messages. The StormLink RF Receiver will be upgradable to a 2-way transceiver which will allow it to transmit and receive ALERT or ALERT2 for testing repeaters and two-way sites such as those used by flasher or siren systems.

“Feedback has been very positive”, says James Logan, OneRain’s CEO. “OneRain has made a lot of progress developing and implementing the support for ALERT and ALERT2 with this radio technology. We plan on adding the capability to simultaneously decode multiple frequencies and multiple protocols, so an agency that is going through the transition from ALERT to ALERT2 can see all of their messages as they go through the network.”

OneRain’s Field Decoder Solutions are available in bundled software and hardware packages.